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SQL Saturday #265 – Protect the database

SQL Judo Army

I’ve been spending the last couple days refining my presentation for SQL Saturday #265 in Portland.  I’m really excited to return to PDX as it’s where being a DBA started for me.  That, and if I make a huge fool of myself only a couple people here in the Denver area will know about it.  I’ve also submitted a couple topics to SQL Saturday #271 down in Albuquerque.  We’ll see how that turns out.

I really enjoyed training and presenting while I was involved in law enforcement so we’ll see if the experience I picked up along the way will translate.  I DO know from past experience that not all the jokes are a guaranteed hit outside of those circles.  Cops can have a pretty warped sense of humor.

Anyway, to celebrate my return to PDX and my first SQL Saturday as a presenter I’m bringing along a few members of my newly formed SQL Judo Army.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, in my family are Lego fiends.  With a little help from eBay – me and the kids were able to equip and assemble a fully staffed, ready for conflict, database protection squad.

Want one of these little guys to go home with you?  Come to SQL Saturday #265 – you just may get that chance.  You’ll notice each figure is doing what every DBA should.  Protecting the database.

Protect the data

Trivia for the day:  The kids informed me that the white Lego ninja I’ve been using as my avatar is Zane, a robot ninja, from Ninjago.  I just picked him because I liked his steely eyed mad dog stare.

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