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31 Days of SQL Server Management Studio

I have always wanted to do a 31 day series.  Something like Kehayias’ 31 days of extended events, or Strate’s 31 days of SSIS.  These posts in turn were inspired by the likes of Glen Berry’s series on DMVs, Adam Machanic’s series on monitoring and Paul Randal’s series on myths.  I’ve decided to tackle 31 days of SSMS.

Everyone who touches SQL Server uses SSMS to some extent so while it may seem like a simple topic – it is one with global appeal.  This series is written with the novice in mind, specifically the novice who may use SSMS frequently for querying or minor server administration, but hasn’t ever dug deep.  With that said I believe even the most seasoned DBA or developer may find something new here.  I know I picked up some new habits while just writing these posts.

Series started August 1st, 2014 on SSMS/SQL Server 2014 as the topic environment.  Not everything shown here will work on your old 2005 install, sorry.

Day 1:    Knowing Options Leads to Shortcuts
Day 2:    Query Like a Pro
Day 3:    Query Like a Boss
Day 4:    Query Like a God
Day 5:    Generating Scripts (pre-written code 1)
Day 6:    Leveraging Templates (pre-written code 2)
Day 7:    Leveraging Snippets (pre-written code 3)
Day 8:    Debugging T-SQL with SSMS
Day 9:    Team Debugging with SSMS
Day 10:  Remote Debugging with SSMS
Day 11:  Working With Designers
Day 12:  Modifying Toolbars
Day 13:  Customizing Connections
Day 14:  Registered Servers / Server Groups
Day 15:  Central Management Server
Day 16:  Monitoring with SSMS
Day 17:  SSMS and SQL Utility
Day 18:  SSMS and MDW
Day 19:  SSMS and Extended Events
Day 20:  SSMS Solutions, Projects, Source Control
Day 21:  SSMS and DacPac
Day 22:  SSMS and ETL (import / export wizard)
Day 23:  Get Fancy with Results
Day 24:  SSMS in SQLCMD Mode
Day 25:  Database Diagraming
Day 26:  Maintenance Plans
Day 27:  Building a Custom Add-In / Extension
Day 28:  Deploying the Add-In
Day 29:  Identifying Options & Debugging Add-In
Day 30:  Moving from Add-In to VSPackage
Day 31:  Wrap Up / Review / Stuff I Didn’t Cover

Bonus Tip:


Did you know you can access the download page for the most current releases of all the AdventureWorks sample databases right from SSMS?  Stop googling it, or asking on your favorite forum where those downloads are.  It’s right under the help menu!!  If you’ve never heard of them – the Adventure Works databases are provided by the folks at Microsoft to have a test set of data for nearly everything SQL Server is capable of.



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