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TSQL Tue 64 Roundup

Last week was my first time hosting TSQL Tue.  The topic was “focused tuning”.  I had some stiff competition that week with SQLBits and the final week to get PASS submissions in; but I still got a few excellent participants spanning a healthy collection of topics.  In the tradition of pine wood derby, where everyone wins, below are the final results and awards.


The award for best paint job goes to Tim Peters whose article on NOLOCK proves that painting flames on a sports car doesn’t make it any faster – but a whole lot of people think it does.  Also a shout-out – per Tim – this was his first TSQL Tue entry.


Boris Hristov wins the best custom build award handily with his in depth analysis of both isolation levels and partitioning and performance in a single post.  Boris also gets thumbs up from your host for having the best post in terms of “spirit of the topic”.  Nice!


Aaron Bertrand comes away with the “best factory stock” award.  Whether the production DBA likes it or not – triggers come from the factory as part of the base model.  Aaron pops the hood and does his typically thorough job of demonstrating how business logic across multiple triggers compares to one trigger to rule them all.  Thanks for the entry Aaron.


Long time TSQL Tue star Rob Farley comes to the event with his typically excellent post – this time bringing PDW into the ring.  Nothing says exotic like PDW.  I originally thought his would be a funny car entry, but no – PDW is definitely exotic – with the price tag to match.  Thanks for the entry.  I have to admit I’ve seen more Ferrari’s on the road this year than PDW installs and I’m slightly jealous of Rob’s exposure.


By kicking Rob out of the Funny Car division I had one last spot available for myself to receive a shiny ribbon.  Watching me, a long time DBA attempting to tune SSIS, SSRS, SSAS or SSDT is definitely closer to humor than drama or education.  But, hopefully it was also informative for anyone searching the net for a laundry list of in-memory OLTP errors.

Images used above under creative commons or fair use (satire)

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