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Where you been? Where you going?

I’ve gotten really bad about regular posting.  I have a few excuses.  One, my job in my professional life has changed considerably.  I’m now working across a much wider swath of data platform and analytics meaning I don’t get to focus on pure DBA stuff much anymore.  Also I keep getting pulled further into management and strategy which is both new, interesting, and challenging all at the same time.  It’s all been voluntary which helps.

You’d think I’d have a whole bunch of new stuff to write about but I’m in more learn mode these days.  In other words, any blog time I get is consumption not production.

As for what time I do get to teach and share I’ve been trying to focus on Pluralsight.  I really like the format.  Having an editor is amazingly helpful.  Also, I feel like there is a much broader audience.  I hope to stay active out there for a long time to come.  It’s where I still get to be a DBA!

What does this mean for the SQLJudo blog?  I plan on keeping it around.  I may make the occasional post but the regularity of posting is not going to be there.  The format may become more of a webpage than a blog.  I have some branding changes in mind so you may see some changes there also.  Finally, I’ve let the monthly challenges slip to the point that I have to admit that it’s just too much to try and fit into an ever filling schedule.  So, I’m officially retiring that string of posts.

I hope to still do the occasional SQL Saturday.  I mean to keep up with all the wonderful friends I’ve made in the SQL world.  I’m not going anywhere, you can still reach me on twitter ( @SQLJudo ).  You all rock!!!


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This entry was posted on February 20, 2017 by in Career Skills.


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