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SSMS Day 25: Database Diagramming

31 Days of SSMS: Table of Contents

Hi – It’s my Birthday (one more year to the big 40).  I’ve taken the day off.  Writing 31 posts in 31 days is a lot more challenging that I thought it would be.  If you want to read about Database Diagramming I highly recommend reading up on it here.

I may come back at some point and write my own article – or I may not – I’m not really sure what else I’d add to the article above.

To be perfectly honest I’m not a big fan of the SSMS implementation of diagramming.  At all.  I look at diagrams as a way to model and architect design.  The inability to sort or auto-arrange into hierarchies bugs me.  Also, the fact that modifications to the diagram are immediately pushed all the way to the database scares me.  I much prefer Embarcadero ERStudio for diagraming both new projects and reverse engineering existing databases.  I like that I can both analyze and solidify design and then create a script to push it to the physical layer.

See you tomorrow – I won’t mail it in again – I promise.


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