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SSMS Day 31: Wrap Up, Review, What I Didn’t Cover

31 Days of SSMS: Table of Contents

This is has been fun.  It has also been exhausting.  I have a much deeper respect for folks who’ve done a 31 days series on topics infinitely deeper than my own.  In this final post of the series I’d like to take a minute to wrap up and more specifically address some things I didn’t cover in the other 30 days.

There is a ton of features within SSMS that I didn’t cover, or really even mention.  Why didn’t I cover things like SQL Profiler for example, that GUI is right in SSMS – shouldn’t it have gotten a post?

The topics I skipped were areas where either; usage was so incredibly simple, that anyone with more than a couple hours exposure to SSMS would know pretty much everything there is to know – or so incredibly large that they would need a 30 days series of their own to cover.  Profiler is like this.  Further, profiler is essentially it’s own application that only has a link from within SSMS.  On top of all that – deprecation has been announced.

On the other side of that coin were things like the Mirroring GUI.  Why didn’t it get a post?  Well, if you have mirroring setup on your box, that GUI is pretty much self explanatory.  Plus there are a ton of GUIs for specific tasks within SSMS.  The only thing of note on most those GUIs is the knowledge that you can often generate a script for the action before clicking OK and sending it off into the unknown (which I did cover).

I really tried to focus on some of the more hidden, obscure, or edge features within SSMS that are easy to cover in one day, but seem like many SSMS users don’t use, while at the same time are useful once you do discover them.

Finally, there were a few topics that were completely based on my own fancy.  Extending SSMS for example is a related topic but probably one that was more useful to me as the writer than you as the reader.  Unless you work for Red Gate, extending SSMS is more of a hobby for most of us.

The honest reason I wrote this series?  I wanted to practice writing.  I needed to commit to a fairly large project that I knew I could write semi-coherently about.  It’s one thing to write for the fun of it.  It’s also very easy to put that kind of writing off in the face of other priorities – like going to bed on time.  By committing to a full 31 days publicly – I knew I would have to write AND write as decently as I could manage because it was being published whether it was ready or not.  Writing takes practice, and I need both practice, and motivation.

Reviewing these posts – I know I dropped the ball on a couple.  Day 25 comes to mind – gimme a break – it was my birthday.  The post on the Extended Event GUI was kinda weak as well.  I also think however that there were some posts that had some nicely presented gems.  Features like hotkeys, window splitters, pinning tabs, and working with the debugger.  Many of these topics, such as the nuances related to generating scripts, don’t get much attention in the blogosphere and they really are pretty handy.  As a whole – if nothing else – I’m proud that I finished the entire month without missing a day.

Anyway – it’s been fun. I appreciate feedback from anyone who has or will read the series.  If you contact me about errata, I will fix it.  If you contact me about grammar, I will fix it.  Take care!  I really need to get to bed for once.


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