Russ Thomas – SQL Judo

The Art of SQL Server Database Administration, Development, and Career Skills for the Technically Minded

What is SQL Judo?

For the first decade of my career out of college I was employed in law enforcement.  I was the IT coordinator for Clark County Sheriff’s Office (part of the greater Portland Metro area).  Having an interest in law enforcement in general and being a much younger man with dragons still to slay I eagerly put myself through the academy and also received a full commission as a deputy.

Over 9 years of hands on law enforcement I had a lot of really great experiences and worked with some truly amazing folks.  I was lucky enough to serve for several years as the training sergeant with the reserve unit and also as a member in good standing with the emergency vehicle operations instructor cadre.  We taught police driving – it was fun, I mean really really fun.

I found training to be one of the most rewarding aspects of my position.  Where else could I drive someone else’s car at Portland International Raceway, shoot fully automatic weapons at the range, or grapple with co-workers in the local high school wrestling room and not have to pay for any of it.

One of the training topics that caught my interest was the skill-set referred to as ”Verbal Judo”.  The official name for verbal techniques employed by many law enforcement professionals around the country. Judo literally means “the gentle way”. You might assume that the focus of verbal judo is to win arguments, get your way, or force others to believe as you do. It’s actually the opposite. Verbal Judo focuses on efficient communication, navigating and calming emotions, and coming to a positive conclusion.

Since those days I have regularly tried to apply those skills to many aspects of my life.  So naturally, kicking off a blog dedicated to the art of my career field I felt SQL Judo was appropriate.  Plus, SQL Soldier was already taken – damn that Robert Davis.

I hope you get something out of my efforts.  It’s my goal to improve my own career by writing some of my thoughts and observations down.  Having a love of training I may even try to present some of my ideas at a SQL Saturday or other similar event near you.  If you read something here that you think is way off the mark.  Let me know, I enjoy sparring.

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