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CodePlex: DBA Toolbox

DBA Toolbox: A feature rich code library for your TSQL scripts and other related items and links.

Last year I started working on a project to manage all those scripts that I’ve obtained and utilized over the years as a DBA.  The result of that project was The DBA Toolbox.  Several of us now use it here at work.  It’s matured enough that I’ve decided to release it to CodePlex as an open source project.

If you’d like to collaborate on the source code I’d love to hear from you.  Keep in mind that I’m a DBA, C# app development is only a hobby for me, code might not always be elegant.  The initial release of installable version 1 will be announced soon but you can download source now.

Future direction:  I’d love to see this become an Azure based tool. That way those you collaborate scripts and tools with can do so without the need for a shared DB server.


4 comments on “CodePlex: DBA Toolbox

  1. juliancastiblancop
    December 18, 2014

    really good stuff 😀 i was seeing your conference on pass. Thank you for share your knoweldge

  2. Domingo Asuncion
    January 7, 2015

    Thank you Russ Thomas!

    • Russ Thomas ( @SQLJudo )
      January 9, 2015

      You’re very welcome. It’s a raw tool, developed by a hobby coder. But I’m still kind of proud of it.

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