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Who is SQL Judo?


Russ Thomas
Denver CO – Previously Portland OR

My greatest accomplishment in life is the love of a woman named Nicole and the blessing of four children who look a lot like their mom and a little like me. Aside from that I’m pretty good with SQL Server and databases in general.

I’ve made a career modeling, developing, architecting, and administering databases since 1996, with some BI thrown in along the way.

Away from technology I’ve had some other adventures including several years as a police driving instructor at Portland Int Raceway, 9 years as a fully commissioned deputy with Clark County Sheriff’s Office, WA, and regular trips to the Whistler bike park on my custom built Norco.  I also spent a couple years in Argentina for my church, and work with my son’s Venture Scout group.

These days, if I’m not normalizing/denormalizing databases, looking at SQL DM numbers, or breaking down query plans; I’ll either be on the bike, playing killer bunnies with the kids, watching the Denver Broncos, following my favorite database bloggers online, or reading about WWII aviation.  I often wonder if we’ll ever see the likes of Doolittle, Pappy Gunn, or the Flying Tigers again.

Photo courtesy of Doug Lane – DSSUG – 2014.

4 comments on “Who is SQL Judo?

  1. Pam Munford
    September 15, 2014

    I attended your presentation in KC over the weekend and I’m having issues downloading the presentation. What application should I open it with?

  2. Brian Seim
    June 8, 2015

    Dear Russ,

    Thank you for giving your time in preparation and presentation at the Denver Dev Days. Your experience as a DBA and coordination with “us developers” made a realistic and entertaining presentation. I call myself a full-stack developer and have implemented Entity Framework quite well but you session on “Entity Framework DB Performance Anti-Patterns” was outstanding. You really gave me some insight into making my code even better. I will be doing more SQL profiling in the future to make sure the linq I write actually only uses one query because I know I’m not perfect. Secondly, I will (almost) never again grab the entire list of available columns again.

    Have a blessed week.

    Kind Regards,

    Brian Seim

    • Awesome, thanks for the feedback. If you watch my course on pluralsight I spend a lot of time on other ways to get insight into your code other than sql profiler. Google EF code intercepts for example, that’s a very elegant way.

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